MAMA AWARD!! an award for blogging mummy(s)..

Thank and link the person who gave you the award..
post the above award in your entry too.
Tengkiu to Ibu Hadif a.k.a Mrs K for the lovely award!! at the time i read ur post about "Anugerah untuk Mak-Mak yang suka blogging", i was impressed by this award so much!! but then, the award also been given to me too!! i loike!!!

List the date of birth of your first child and your following children..
add also their names...
huhu..i only got one small little boy which is going to grow up healthy and smarter than i ever thought!! ; Muhammad Zafri bin Asfizan - d.o.b : 23.08.2008

Upload a picture of you with your children..
bergambar kat tepi Tambak Johor..
aku upload gbr nie sbb zafri pun chubby lai... kecik lai...

Pass the award to all mommy bloggers you know! Let them know k...
sapa nak jugak award nie, boleh lah amik, tak kena duit pun!! tp buat entry gtau k!!
boleh gi jenguk!! :-p

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  1. yeyyyyyyy, tq dik, nanti akak buat ye, tq sekali lagi ye, muahhhhhh


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